RVTS Registrar Position

  • Registrar wanted for 2023
  • Located Clermont (Central Queensland)
  • Applications Close 13th November 2022
We have been lucky enough to secure a last-minute opportunity to offer a supported targeted recruitment training position with RVTS.  We are on a very tight deadline of the 13th of November due to the final round of RVTS applications ending at this time.
If you would like to enquire and get to know more about what the opportunity looks like please feel free to give us a call or send us a email – [email protected]
This is your opportunity to build your toolkit wide and deep.
This is your opportunity to build your toolkit wide and deep.
“As a young Australian trained GP Specialist living and working in the bush, I am passionate about rural medicine and even more passionate about teaching and supporting your experience.  I would like to extend the offer to any registrar interested in joining us to reach out and have a chat with me about this package.  My rural registrar years gave me the foundation of an extremely varied and colourful skillset.Dr Sarah McLay (Practice Owner)

Applications Close 13th November!!!

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