Our Services

General Medical

We provide members of the local and surrounding community with all their general medical practice needs. Whether you require a general check-up, immunisations, health checks, employment medicals and anything else, our doctors are here to help.

Family Planning

If you’re thinking about having children, it’s very important to seek medical advice from your local GP at least 3 months prior to trying for children. Our GP’s are experienced and ready to help with all of your family planning health needs.


Vaccinations are an important part of life, for children and adults. We can provide you with all your regular and ad-hoc vaccination needs, including flu and Q-Fever Vaccinations.

Minor Surgeries

All of our GP’s are trained in minor surgical procedures which can be performed at short notice.

Health Assessments

If you need a health check for an employer or if you just want a regular health check, Clermont Country Practice can provide you with full medical assessments to ensure your fit and well.


We are completely set up and ready to conduct telehealth sessions, now and after the pandemic. If this is more convenient to you, or if you have health concerns, or COVID-19 symptoms, we should conduct an appointment via Telehealth.